Purchasing New Piano


Materials, Design and Craftship will have great effect on piano's tone, stabiliy and life span.

There are many brands in Hong Kong market and their individual standard differs from one and other.

It will obviously be unwise to rush to decision solely based on the comments from the Sale Personnels or people who know little about piano.

Invite a Piano Technician, who has a full understanding in Piano, will help you to make the best possible choice in your piano purchase.

Welcome to contact me directly if you need my help.

European Brands :

Steinway & Sons



Carl Bechstein


W. Hoffmann






Japanese Brands:




Second Hand Piano


Most of the piano technians in Hong Kong agreed that Japanese piano are more stable as well as more durable than European piano for usage in Hong Kong. And among all, Yamaha piano is the most popular brand in the second hand market.

This site is consigned to sell quality second hand pianos. Every piano is tuned, regulated and maintained by professional piano technician.

Pricing is reasonable and all are welcome to examine our collection of pianos.


Below items are included with the purchase of piano :

1 piano tuning session

Piano cover sheet

Adjustable piano chair

Basic Delivery Package

Humidity control device

10 years guarantee on piano action parts (Applicable if captioned piano being maintained & tuned by our piano technician at least twice a year)


As our pianos (especially the high end models) are consistently being depleted in fast turn, please contact Mr. Tong to check on the models available.

Mobile/ Whatsapp: 6304 4081

E-mail: tongtuning@hotmail.com

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